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Spherize Blood DK

Post  Spherize on Sun Dec 14 2008, 23:03

Personal part

* Write something about yourself: Who are you? Where are you from? What do you do next to wow? (any hobbies) And why do you like playing wow?
Hello, My name is Deon de Rooij im 16 years old and im from Holland my hobbies are gaming and football and i play wow since the EU wow release also been playing on al'akir since then Razz

* What guilds have you been in before? Why aren’t you there anymore? Left? (if so why?) guild disbanded? I've been in lots guilds before but on my deathknight im only in Vendetta i want to leave there because im a reserve there so i dont really raid with them only did on raid with them.

* What Instances and Bosses have you cleared? (TBC and Pre TBC)
-URBS if that counts Razz
-Tk (only al'ar and VR)
-Naxx 10 - 3 bosses
-Naxx 25 - Plauge Quater Arachnid Qauter Construct quater *failed a thadius because of tards not knowing what to do* military quater instructor and ghotik killed

* Which days are you available to raid and what times do you expect to be online?
Im online everyday sunday till thursday from 16:00 till 23:00 friday and saturday from 14:00 till 03:00 orso somthimes longer

* What do you prefer doing in wow?

I like doing instances and raiding, well i like lotsa things but i dont like grinding money Razz


Ingame part

* Name of the character you apply with and its armory profile. If you have other characters you play/use a lot please add them as well.

Spherize my main *dk*
Moonhawk is used to be my main 70 tauren warrior
Drazial my main after Moonhawk and before Spherize Razz 70 blood elf hunter
and i got loads random alts

* What professions and trade skill do you have? And can you craft anything special? (please include your alts if they can make anything special as well)

atm i only have mining but im going to level engineering as well


UI / Connection part

* Which addons do you use for raiding, and why do you find they are needed?

I use oRA2 Omen and DBM i think they are nice because they help alot with raiding especialy DBM

* Do you often have latency issues or suffer from disconnects and do you have computer lag when raiding 10/25 mans?
Nope i never have latency issues and never had a dissconnect while i raid that i know of i also never lag when raiding


Free For All Part

* Do you have anything you wish to add? (This is the place to add anything you feel we should know and it also gives you the chance to separate your application from the others) Im very friendly and im easy to get along with thx in advance

Deon *Spherize*


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Re: Spherize Blood DK

Post  Ozzy on Mon Dec 15 2008, 19:25

Hello Deon, sorry for this late reply, first off all nice application but as you said in your application you wanted to be more than a back up, currently at the moment we cannot give you that, as we are only in 10 man raiding with a solid raiding team, we are current looking towards 2 x 10 man raiding groups or just moving onto 25 man raiding, but saddly we current dont have the numbers so we cannot give you what you are after, thank you for your interest.




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