Wan't to join Smoking Aces

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Wan't to join Smoking Aces

Post  wachill on Wed Dec 17 2008, 19:56

Personal part.
Write something about yourself: Who are you? Where are you from? What do you do next to wow? (any hobbies) And why do you like playing wow?

Hi, my name is Oscar and i live in Sweden, i'm 20 year old.. Next to WoW i like to hang out with my friends.
I have played wow for 1.5 years now and i think it's great. very relaxing.

What guilds have you been in before? Why aren’t you there anymore? Left? (if so why?) guild disbanded?

I have't beed in a real guild before.. just i guild a friend and i created for fun.. other then that no guild..

What Instances and Bosses have you cleared? (TBC and Pre TBC)

I haven't done so much pve before wotlk..I mostly did pvp, or almost just pvp. a couple heroics and a quick Kara-run but nothing more.

Which days are you available to raid and what times do you expect to be online?

I'm am available almost every day after work. so i am online from 17.00 -23.00 Monday-thursday, mayby friday.
And on saturday and sunday i'm online when i feel for it, and i almost feel for it every day Very Happy

What do you prefer doing in wow?

Pve. I'm sick of PvP. And i like to skill my professions.

Ingame part:

Name of the character you apply with and its armory profile. If you have other characters you play/use a lot please add them as well.

My characters name is Wachill. http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Al%27Akir&n=Wachill

Your WotLK PvE spec and why do you find that spec good for raiding?

I use the spec you can see in my armory profile. I think it's a good spec for pve because i generate 10% less threat in affliction
spells and 10 % less threat in destruction spells. so 20% less threat generated. + i do a lot of damage with this spec.

What professions and trade skill do you have? And can you craft anything special?

My professions are tailoring and enchanting. Not full skill in either of them.. but it's on the way. Can't craft anything special yet but i'm gonna be able to soon.

UI / Connection part

Which addons do you use for raiding, and why do you find they are needed?

I use Omen and deadly boss mode..
Omen for threat nd damage. And Boss mode to see when a boss do somthing you don't want to be near of.
But i can say that my addons are pretty bad, and don't work as they should do. But i'm working on it, and gonna fix it as fast as possible.

Do you often have latency issues or suffer from disconnects and do you have computer lag when raiding 10/25 mans?

I don't have any latency issues that i know of. And my computer dosen't lag when i'm in any instaces or raids.

That's all for now..
Hope to hear from you in the game..
Best regards Wachill ( Oscar ). Smile


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Re: Wan't to join Smoking Aces

Post  Ozzy on Thu Dec 18 2008, 01:09

Hello there Oscar, we do have a couple of places for warlocks at the moment in our guild, so there can be a place for you in that prospective. but as we have found that we have alot of members wanting to join for 10 mans and there is only limited places. so to join this guild you will have to consider places may only be available for 25 mans or a 2nd 10 man raid. abit of work on gear will be needed also as you do lack in what we may need for raids. so im going to offer you a trail position.

Contact Ózzy or khayven in game for a guild invite




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