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Kurohime Warlock

Post  kurohime on Wed Dec 17 2008, 23:56

Personal part

Hi there! My name is Tobias im 22 years old and my mother squissed me out here in sweden=)
Other things then gaming for me is to go to the gym 4-5 days a week.
Earning my living by working as a (run-around) Teacher for the most ages.

* What guilds have you been in before? Why aren’t you there anymore? Left? (if so why?) guild disbanded?

I played Alliance lock in TBC in the Guild Limited Edition on Neptulon Server. We where a high end Swedish raiding guild wich in the early days of TBC took Vashj and after that summer killed our guild. Entered Big bad Mojos (another Swedish Guild) and fighted for them for a month before i realized it will take to long to them to achive what we already achived,
Started PvP instead got highrated and bored =) Went to Japan for some studies, came back fixed myself an UD lock to play with rerolled friends and now im hungering for Pve again

* What Instances and Bosses have you cleared? (TBC and Pre TBC)

Pre TBC i made it to BWL *halfways* TBC To MH pugged

* Which days are you available to raid and what times do you expect to be online?

Almost evryday! Depending on the work and times i close some schools etc. but from 1800- 2300.

* What do you prefer doing in wow?

Now after a long PvE break im so into it. But will try my skills in PvP also to see where warlocks and myself stand.


Ingame part

* Name of the character you apply with and its armory profile. If you have other characters you play/use a lot please add them as well.

Kurohime http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Al%27Akir&n=Kurohime

* Your WotLK PvE spec and why do you find that spec good for raiding?


Been testing almost evry speck ive found interesting etc but got attached to this one.
Easy speck to have, Curse of agony Corruption Immolate and spam Incirate.
Dotting Corruption when Agony or Immolate goes out (Depends on how long Corr have left to tick)
Dosent give any bigger raid buffs though.

Atm i achive 2800+Dps

* What professions and trade skill do you have? And can you craft anything special?

I have enchanting and Tailoring, Trying to level them atm but got a bad start so ppl dont want my enchants and farming Frostweave cloth takes it time=)


UI / Connection part

* Which addons do you use for raiding, and why do you find they are needed?

Omen Threath meter---> Aggro control
DoTimer-----> When to refresh things

Otherwise non important, Gonna get Deadly Boss etc activated whenever i go Raiding

* Do you often have latency issues or suffer from disconnects and do you have computer lag when raiding 10/25 mans?

No Lag here^^ Got a new computer since September and 8 mbit wire that works good. Only server lag will stop me=)

Free For All Part!
What will i give back to smoking Acez?

A dedicated player who will give the dps needed to get to new encounters.
Will be ready to speck after given speck if reason why is explained.

Thats all for me!



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Re: Kurohime Warlock

Post  Ozzy on Thu Dec 18 2008, 01:00

Hello Tobias, very nice application, we are currently on the need for warlocks as we currently dont have any, so i would vote you in from that point of view, but as the last few raids we have planned people have been upset that they cannot join cause of limited places but we are on the out look for people to join for a 2nd 10 man raid or just to move onto 25 mans. so i can offer you a place but you do have to understand there isnt always a place straight away for our 10 man raid encounters.

Just Reply to me Ózzy or Khayven in game for a guild invite




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