Ayubi - Rogue App.

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Ayubi - Rogue App.

Post  Ayubi on Tue Dec 30 2008, 22:13

Hi, my real name is Christian Victor, I am 17 years old, 18 to January Smile and i live in Denmark. At the moment im studying in economi and finans at the "Gymnasium" In my home town. Next to playing WoW, i play alot of football, just to do some exercise and have some fun with my friends, i have no GF atm so i got alot of time to WoW again Smile. I Like playing WoW, because i like to achieving stuff, and i love MMORPG's, the fun, the teamspirit ect. and i have been playing MMORPG's my whole "Gaming life".

I have only been in 2 guilds on Al Akir, Because i Xferede 1 Year ago, I have been in Elite a social guild with around 15 IRL friends, and we raided ZA, KZ ect 10m. And now im in F A D E, for a short while because i also love to PvP. Before I Xfered to AA in Pre TBC, I was in "Tip Top" on Twilight's Hammer and have achieved everything, with my rogue, got the full T2 Set with oldschool enchants ect. When TBC started, we broke up and i Joined another guild called Nightshade, and we got 5/8 BT, and 4/5 MH, 5 Mounths after Launch of TBC, and cleared SSC & TK pretty fast.

I will be able to raid the whole week, from 17-00, and Im usually on from 16.30-23.30 Monday-Thursday, and 16.30-04.30 In the weekend Smile

I prefer PvE'ing in WoW achieveing big things such as Naxx 25m cleared in 1 day, a good social guild with exp raiders, to do farm HC's and reach end game raiding with.


My Char is named Ayubi a UD rogue, and it has been my main for 200 days played now.
He is PvP spec atm, but i wanted to show you the PvE gear, i always raid in PvE spec thou and will respec every raid.

My main PvE Spec is Combat Fist n Daggers because its the best atm for Combat rogues imo, 5% extra crit is nuff said.
With improved Slice n Dice, and eviscerate, for full combo points, when rupture and SnD is up.

Its proffesions i have mining and eng, 450 and 440, going to lvl eng soon, i so can craft Guns for the Tanks and Hunters.

UI / Connection part:

I also quite few addons for raiding, i use Omen because of aggro, DPS meter because i want to improve my DPS everytime, 2.4K 10m 2.7-8k 25m, I use Xpearl for my Unitframes, aggro warning ect. I use Dominos because i like my own personal keybinds ect. Then i use Scrolling Combat text to see my crits ect Smile.

I dont suffer from Internet problems, i have a 4mbit connection and never lagg because WoW is such a old game compared to my PC Smile.

I hope you pick me because i realy want to be in a decent guild with 25m and friendly n skilled ppl, else gl & hf in the future Smile


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Re: Ayubi - Rogue App.

Post  Kenedi on Wed Dec 31 2008, 17:14

Hello Ayubi.

We have decided to give you a trial spot in the guild so contact Khayven or Hasharin online for an invite. Don't know if we will be online today else tomorrow the 1st of january.



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