Krapas - Fury Warrior.

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Krapas - Fury Warrior.

Post  Krapas on Wed Dec 31 2008, 03:43

* Write something about yourself:

Hi all Smile My real name is Rimvydas, i am From Lithuania , i am 18 years old. I live with parents and dog Very Happy im in high school 12 class now Smile
In real server global i am playing about 1.5 years Smile

* What guilds have you been in before? Why aren’t you there anymore? Left? (if so why?) guild disbanded?

This warrior i dinged 68~ lvl when Wotlk released. So dont have been in good guild just my country Ltunited.

* What Instances and Bosses have you cleared? (TBC and Pre TBC)

Have not played in pre tbc on 60 in Global, have cleared on 70 only(for achievements Very Happy)
With my shaman resto/elemental, have cleared TBC: Karazhan,Zul'aman(timed runs),Gruul,maggy,SSC,MH 3/5. But now my main is this Warrior Smile and all time i spend to him. Wotlk On warrior-Cleared all heroics,Stratholme timed many times.
Naxxramas 10 man- all Bosses exept saphiron and kel'thuzad(with pug)
Obsidian Sanctum Cleared - Sartharion with pugs.
The Wintergrasp instance have done too 10man and 25man with pugs.

* Which days are you available to raid and what times do you expect to be online?

I'm am available almost every day after scool:).
And on saturday and sunday i can play almost all day with some breaks , if dont have some plans in real life Very Happy

* What do you prefer doing in wow?

I Prefer PVE ! :)I like beat new bosses Smile , also i like Raiding alliance city's sometimes do some battlegrounds for fun Smile But always 1st is pve Smile


Ingame part

* Name of the character you apply with and its armory profile. If you have other characters you play/use a lot please add them as well.

Krapas Fury Warrior,31%Crit, Hitcapped 392, 4310AP with Battle shout and in Berseker stance.Armory-
Shaman -

* Your WotLK PvE spec and why do you find that spec good for raiding?

I think is the best for fury Pve spec -

* What professions and trade skill do you have? And can you craft anything special? (please include your alts if they can make anything special as well)

Have been skinning enchanting but unlearned to Bs/minning i will up some day them to max Smile


UI / Connection part

* Which addons do you use for raiding, and why do you find they are needed?

For raiding i use Omen , DeadlybossMods, damage metters Very Happy
Omen for threath, Deadlybossmods for Boss skills. Damage metters for fun Very Happy

* Do you often have latency issues or suffer from disconnects and do you have computer lag when raiding 10/25 mans?

No i have good internet Smile always low latency, exept Al'akir sometimes lagged Very Happy Lagakir Very Happy Computer Not very good but i dont have big FPS lag on raids Smile


Free For All Part

* Do you have anything you wish to add? (This is the place to add anything you feel we should know and it also gives you the chance to separate your application from the others)

In game i have loyal friend Austris , have leveled with him together in Northrends,always talk with him in game he is good man Very Happy he said me about this guild to apply here Smile
I always follow orders/tactics and fast learn Smile i wanna do Pve, go to raids/have good time with guild Smile I have Ventrilo and Teamspeak. Smile If u wanna know something more about me ask i will answer Smile Merry Christhmas and Happy new year to you all guys santa cheers


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Re: Krapas - Fury Warrior.

Post  Kenedi on Wed Dec 31 2008, 17:13

Hello Krapas.

We have decided to give you a trial spot in the guild so contact Khayven or Hasharin online for an invite. Don't know if we will be online today else tomorrow the 1st of january.



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