Slaktern Prot Paladin

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Slaktern Prot Paladin

Post  slaktern on Tue Jan 13 2009, 03:28

Character name: Slaktern

Character class: Paladin

Armory: ... n=Slaktern

Character Spec: 5/59/7 - Currently Prot but willing to tweak my spec as needed

/played: 29 days at the moment, made this char when TBC came out, used to play warlock pre-TBC but wanted to try a paladin. I also have several lvl 70 alts all with large /played, can give info if needed.

About me: I'm 22, living in england at the moment (saving for that dream house in the bahamas ) and work full time for a furniture company. I enjoy sports, especially football and also socialising with friends.

PVE History: Pre-TBC i played a human warlock and did full ZG, MC, BWL and were just abuot to start naxx when i quit WoW! After quiting for a solid 3 weeks (impressive i know) my friend bought me a copy of TBC for my birthday and got me hooked again, i got on my paladin and levelled my ass off got to 70 and geared up for PVP as i wanted to try the arena side as i didnt want to get hoooked on raiding again. I got some pretty good PVP ratings with my 2v2 team but really didn't enjoy healing so i specced ret. I did some kara runs and was abuot to do BT when wotlk came out. When wotlk came out i lvled to 80 as everyone did, got to 80 and specced prot. As prot i think im finally settled! Having tried the healing and dps side of things, i must admit i enjoy tanking a lot more than either of those! The guild I am currently in has cleared 3 wings of naxx and are at the 4 horsemen in the military wing. I've also done VOA 10man and OS 25 man with pugs.

Hardware: Have a kickass laptop (had to sell my soul to get it) and 5MB internet connection which is very solid. Only d/cs i have are because of lag'akir itself other than that have a steady 30fps and 30-60ms rating. I also rent a ventrillo server and if needed can use it here, or get rid of it.

Preparing for raids: I always make sure i have enough reagents for buffs, addons required by guild, flasks and food for stam buff etc. Also make sure i have gear with +res if needed (eg: sapp fight in naxx)

Addons: Only addons i use are Omen, Deadly Boss Mods, SCT and pallypower. If the guild require anymore for raids then I will happily download them.

Availabilty: Currently i raid 5 days a week. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. But that's just because that's when my current guild raids. The only day i am unavailable for raids is on Tuesdays as thats when i see my IRL gf (yes they do exist :O)

Why I would like to join: I'm really getting into raiding endgame content again but am just finding the current guild i am in unreliable at the moment, for example, tonight we went to naxx wiped on the 4 horsemen and 3 people decided to quit the raid which meant everyone else wanted to go because we didn't ahve the reserves needed to carry on. Also a lot of the people in my guild don't read up on tacs and come prepared which is irritating when you have to explain to people on vent whats going to happen.

ps-i have also applied to other guilds as i want to get going asap, hope this does not affect my application!


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Re: Slaktern Prot Paladin

Post  Ozzy on Tue Jan 13 2009, 13:50

email sent within game



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