Information and Recruitment Status - OPEN!

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Information and Recruitment Status - OPEN!

Post  Kenedi on Sun Oct 19 2008, 19:31

About SmokingAces

SmokingAces is a casual raiding guild created by a group of players who have played together for more than two years. Our goal is to defeat each encounter wow has to offer without our real-life takes damage as some of us has an education, families and friends to think about next to World of Warcraft.

We are currently raiding Naxxramas, The Vault of Archavon and The Obsidian Sanctum and progressing fast through the new encounters (See progress thread for more info)

SmokingAces are seeking

  • Motivated players with a desire to learn new encounters.

  • Players who come prepared for raids, and willing to obtain the best enchants, glyphs, gems and consumables to maximise key stats for their class.

  • Players who can raid at least 2-5 days through out the week.

  • Friendly players who can contribute with good atmosphere to the guild chat.


As some of us are into PvP as well, there will also be time or even days to create Premades, City Raids, Arena and World PvP.

Do you feel you could fit in SmokingAces, and are seeking a friendly guild with same PvE goals as you? Please feel free to create an application and we will review and reply as soon as possible.

SmokingAces are currently recruiting following classes with 10man naxx experience:

    Tanks: Exceptional Applicants only

    Melee dps: 1 Retribution Paladin / 1 Enhancement Shaman

    Casters / Ranged dps: 1-2 BM Hunters / 1 Shadow priest / 1 Elemental Shaman

    Healers: 1 Holy Paladin / 1 Resto Shaman / 1 Holy Priest / 1 Resto Druid

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